Happy Easter

Just wanted to make a quick entry and wish everyone a Happy Easter – He Has Risen! http://gallery.me.com/sundogjoe#100519 Looks like the weather is turning back to more typical gray and wet here in the Puget Sound but it was such a treat to have the wonderful days of sunshine.  Caleb and I are getting ready […]

Helicopter Flight in Friday Harbor

Port: 2786.9 Starboard: 2807.5 Started the day off on Friday flying in a R-22 Helicopter with my Nephew, Ryan. Perfect calm and sunny day and it was fun to have a bird’s eye view of the “Sundog” moored up. At the end of the run way he let me try out each of the controls […]

Sunrise At Friday Harbor

Friday April 22 Woke up about 5 in the morning yesterday determined to release the mooring lines and set sail – that is one of my favorite quotes right, and this is a boat right not just an expensive cabin tied to the docks. My crew slept through my stowing and running through the checklist […]


Wednesday 20th Today I got to know the electrical department and North Harbor Diesel. All in all it was a very successful albeit expensive day as we solved a fuse blowing quirk and found out that the main 8D batteries were ready for replacement. So now we have brand new main motor batteries and have […]

Maiden Voyage Trip

19th – 20th Before I headed out on this trip I confided with a friend about my fears with all the mechanical systems on the boat and my lack of knowledge in this area. He gave me a great thought that has helped that I will share. If you think of these challenges the same […]

The Boat is in the Water

Not without hickups but the boat made it to the docks… 🙂   It’s with mixed feelings I watch our new to us Grand Banks Classic head toward the water.  It seems so unreal… I think I’m in denial.  Anyway, the SUNDOG is in the water now!  Caleb looks so happy… Joshua misses him terribly […]

Saturday through Monday the 18th

Where do I start, the last 2 days feel like 7 days with as much life and activity that has been stacking into them.  As I write this I am safely moored at H-65 in the Harbor in Anacortes and all the activities that lead up to this peaceful evening flash by in a blur.  […]

Flight Down Thoughts

It Begins Friday April 15 As I watch 2000 miles of country fly by on our Alaska  Airlines flight in only 3 hours I can only help but wonder in amazement that what is a short flight in a jet will be 2-3 months of adventure boating from Anacortes Wa to our home port of […]

It begins

New Home For Our C-Dory

It is with a heavy hear that we have found a new home for our beloved C-Dory.  We have truly enjoyed this boat since 2003 and as we counted up the days we calculate that our oldest Son Caleb has spent a full year of his life aboard.  I was amazed at how many phone […]