Saturday through Monday the 18th

Where do I start, the last 2 days feel like 7 days with as much life and activity that has been stacking into them.  As I write this I am safely moored at H-65 in the Harbor in Anacortes and all the activities that lead up to this peaceful evening flash by in a blur.  Mark picked us up from the Airport with all the gear – thanks Mark! and safely dropped us off at our Van for a transit to the boat.  Caleb and I unloaded gear made beds tackled some odds and ends and crashed hard and other than being a little cold and no pillows slept fairly well.


Sunday enjoyed Church at Christ the King in Burlington with family, had a great buffet and than back to the boat to continue prepping for the Monday morning launch.  Joined by Mark Standley and his son Aaron and had a great evening working on the boat and playing some cards.  Waking up the next day after a good night with the heater on and a pillow under our head I met with a mechanic from North Harbor Diesel named Jim who not only was a great mechanic but an excellent teacher and mentor.  2 hours later it was determined we were ready for launch and scheduled it for 2:30 today and that allowed some time to ready the boat, share a quick lunch down by the harbor and visit with my nephew’s girlfriend Laura.  Like clockwork the monster trailer came and slid under the 30,000 lb boat and off we went to the launch.  Once the boat was in the water we turned the switches on and pushed the starter buttons and nothing, not even a small crank – batteries dead.  Oh well, boating is about dealing with challenges and these guys are used to such and had me jumped in no time and off we went for a short spin into the bay with Jim the mechanic at my side not just giving mechanical advice but overall boating skills advice.  I think he could tell that I needed it, maybe by the way he looked ready to grab the helm and power at a moments notice.  Managed to slide into the slip, somewhat poorly but no dings and now safely tied up and taking some time now to just relax.


At one level I am concerned about sorting through the battery problems but being here moored up right now feels like a great accomplishment.  I look forward to pushing the spot tracker in exotic while locations en-route to Alaska but that can come with time.  Tonight is about getting a shave and starting to put the boat together in preparation for our first overnight trip on Wednesday when my friend Larry comes down from AK.  Thanks to everyone who has been so helpful so far getting here whether with just encouragement, phone calls or your prayers.


Sundog Out.