She Floats



She Floats

After a lot of work the SUNDOG is floating and tied up in the Seward harbor for the season. At the start of the season I was thinking that this boat was just way to much for me to handle but now that we have a shake down trip behind us and a good one at that I am thinking it is worth the time and cost to pour some love back into the old girl. In memory of both our fathers we framed a photo of our fathers at the boat so that we have their memories as we boat together. I do think about my Dad at the helm as we motored from Anacortes to Friday Harbor before we came up the inside passage and that brings both joy and a sadness. I would call Dad occasionally coming up the inside to help me think through various electrical issues as I worked on the boat and I wish I had spent more time learning from him in these areas that he was so talented in.



• Launching the boat was an experience, it is one thing to launch a 3,000 lb C-Dory but a 30,000 boat in to a skinny channel off a massive trailer is a whole other adventure. Folks at Storm Chasers took it in stride and did a great job with the launch.

• Once we replaced the one large starboard battery with 3 marine batteries all systems where go and she ran really well. I am sure thankful for my friends that where able to assist both with getting the boat ready and with the launch as well.

• Mike Phelps had his boat the BOUNTY HUNTER in the water and it was reassuring and fun to have a friend along side as we launched and motored over to the harbor and of course to share a couple days at sea.

• After a day in the harbor we set out for Thumb cove, anchored up and it felt really good to let the anchor drop to the bottom, set it tight and shut down the motors for a night on the hook.

• It was the first trip with our new big black lab HUNTER and although he struggled with getting in and out of the dingy he loved the shore time and it was good for the boys to have him on shore with them.

• Next day we decided to head out into the bay a ways and Caleb and Joshua rode alongside in the dingy and where surrounded by Dall Porpoise, in fact they where getting splashed and one even came up and hit the bottom of their boat giving them more excitement than they even wanted. It is hard to describe the freedom that running your own boat gives when you are 13 and 10 years old, even 45 come to think of it:).

• Enjoyed some shore time around the fire and unfortunately Daniel took a spill into the fire and put a pretty large 2nd degree burn on his palm. Cathy got his hand into the ocean quick to cool but even now 4 days later it is a big old blister and I wish I could take the pain for him.

• Headed into the harbor with some good afternoon wind picking up and Caleb drove the dingy and handled some tough seas for a small boat and although a bit scared glad that he did it.

• Found one of the few available transient slips that have power and had help in a big head wind to land and tie up with columbian music playing from our new neighbors and a shot of tequila to celebrate – I thought I had landed in another country for a minute and enjoyed the time with our new neighbors who will be heading down to Seattle in July and onto other warmer parts of the world to celebrate their retirement.

• One day in harbor to start sanding and painting windows and now home and worn out but happy with the adventure we shared.

• Joshua spent much of the trip on the Bounty Hunter with MP and it was for sure a highlight for him. Thanks Mike for taking him under you wing for the trip.

Until the next adventure – Sundog Out!