She Floats

  She Floats After a lot of work the SUNDOG is floating and tied up in the Seward harbor for the season. At the start of the season I was thinking that this boat was just way to much for me to handle but now that we have a shake down trip behind us and […]

Seacock Maintenance

2 days and 7 brass seacocks later I can now open by hand all these valves and have a better understanding of what each one does.  I ache all over and I have a giant blood blister but feel good to have these valves smoothly operating before we splash the Sundog for the season.  A […]

Getting Sundog Ship Shape

After letting the boat sit for a season it is quite a challenge to get the good ship Sundog all ship shape –

Clearing Props and Shafts

  Yesterday went down to the boat to tackle 2 tasks.  First to figure out why my ac outlets were not working and after troubleshooting for an hour it came down to resetting a GCI – dohhhhh…. Next was diving to clear the props of rope and fishing line.  The water was very murky so […]

Welding Day

Had  a great Welding day last Monday.  Made the bubba hut much more structurally sound – thanks to a great welder and some good advice from Mark Anderson – thanks! Here are some photos: Thanks to Sabra for the photos Cheers Joe

Welding Project Ahead – May 7

Jason – posting this for you so that you can put together all the materials we will need for May 7 welding day   The best result will be if the new braces actually intersect and weld to the existing vertical brace, as close to the bottom of the existing braces as is practical.   […]