Green Island Friends and Fun

The weather for the opening of Buck hunting out in Prince William Sound was less than agreeable but we headed out in sloppy seas and decided after the Culros Exit that we were going to head into Blackstone Bay instead and meet up with Miss Charity.  We had a fairly calm anchorage in Nellie Cove.  We enjoyed scooping up an ice burg and seeing a bear sow and her triplet cubs before we headed across a bit less choppy seas to Knight Island and on to Green Island. I have to say that although my ability to handle rough seas has improved, I don’t like chop; even in my lovely new to us Tom Cat which I love!

Joe posted FB photos as usual.  He’s a gem!


• Knight Island Passage and its beauty

• Seeing some new to me tubular sea life in the tide pool

• Actually getting out of the boat and walking along the shore, enjoying the streams and feeding our new bunny, Storm, various native plants.

• Watching the triplets catch Silvers

• Listening to sea lions in the distance as we fished

• Green Island Cabin because it rained altogether too much for my liking

• Reeling in Joe’s whopper 55″ halibut, gaffing and 22 shots

• Julia playing cards with the boys

• Joshua enjoying time so much with Blake and Elisha that he enjoyed this trip to Prince William Sound

• Watching Pinks leave Phosphorescent Trails in the Bay at Green Island at midnight

• Good fellowship with Laura and Julia


Cathy Law / Sundog