Green Island Friends and Fun

The weather for the opening of Buck hunting out in Prince William Sound was less than agreeable but we headed out in sloppy seas and decided after the Culros Exit that we were going to head into Blackstone Bay instead and meet up with Miss Charity.  We had a fairly calm anchorage in Nellie Cove.  […]

Tomcat Shakedown Trip

And they’re off…. The C-Dory Tomcat Shakedown Trip has begun. Joe and Kevin are out on the new Sundog ship making sure all systems check out and she’d ready for the summer of family fun. Joe has spent the last several weeks putting together the BubbaHut, working on wiring for the cabin lights, checking batteries, […]

Tomcat Bubba Hut

Need some welding help, here are the details.   PART 1 – Roof Connector See the pictures, I will provide the cardboard mockup to measure from   Part 2 – Roof Frame 8′ 6″ x 9′ roof frame – aluminum     Part 3 – Uprights uprights will be polished and connected down to the […]

Recent Upgrades & Updates

Over the last year I had a great mechanic Jesse tackle many updates – https://www.sailwith7.com Below are the invoices to share what was done over the last year. Invoice-2016138 Invoice-2016141 Invoice-2016147 Invoice-2016216 Invoice-2016220 Invoice-2017062 Invoice-2017139 Invoice-2017182 Invoice-2017160 Invoice-2017170 Please, feel free to watch some videos of the boat and motors running as well. Videos of the […]

Hard Top Idea

Hoping to build something like this so that we can be dry and toasty on the back deck and have room for a dance up top.       handrails

Dipnetting Nirvana

As I type this email the skin from one finger is rolled down like a sock from being caught in the gill net trying to get a salmon out – isn’t it great?!! We are back and cleaning up after what is truly an Alaskan experience and one that will give everyone involved wonderful memories […]

Location Zaikof Bay on Montegue June 24 1pm

The end of a long 30 hour run doing 1 hour shifts from Yakutat.  Tried to tuck into Controller Bay but the water was just too shallow. Killer Whale bull, cow & calf off the tip of Montegue. A pile of buoys located for Cathy’s collection. Motors fixed in Zaikof Bay and met up with […]

Location South Tip Kayak Island June 23

After the stress of this evening… I wish I was on the boat, not Joe… Oh wait! I get seasick in 2 foot ocean swells. I think I’m better off here just praying for safety! 🙂 SundogCathy Out!!!!

It begins

2003-2009 Photos

Over the years I have posted photos from our family’s trips on our website AlaskaPhotography.com. So, below are links to the photos of the Law family enjoying adventures in Alaska with wonderful friends and family from 2003 on.  I hope you enjoy and are inspired in some way to strike out on your own adventure […]