Rugged Island and Sunny Cove

catch Photos: Some Highlights

• Brought a large ling cod to the surface and Daniel helped me release by grabbing my rod and shaking:)
• Got to meet and hang out with the extended Baisden Family
• Shared some adventure and potlucks with some wonderful new friends the McClendon family
• Granny L came along and was good crew and an even better provider of high calorie pirate food – thanks Granny!
• Long bike ride from Seward to Exit glacier with hunter – skinny road to ride on with the cars but a beautiful ride all the same.
• Hunter the big black dog did much better this trip and only fell off the boat once.
• When out to tip of rugged Island and lost a few silvers – family not quite up for the ocean swells so tucked into the bay on rugged and had a nice break than worked our way to Sunny Cove on fox island for a nice anchorage.
• Beautiful sunset at Sunny cove.
• Caleb and Joshua where in Fairbanks for a swim meet so interesting to just have the triplets this trip.
• Did not get much done on the boat and the list of fix it’s and maintenance keep growing – oh well, need to boat as well.
Cheers from the Sundog Crew.