Caleb’ Journal From IP Trip

CALEBS TRUE ADVENTURE       AUTHOR IS CALEB LAW         the biggest adventure of my life begins on friday april 15Th. We went to the airport when we got to security and one of are friends named linda got stopped they thought she had some water in her bag. A young […]

Gulf Crossing Map

We had no print maps for the gulf crossing, counting on digital maps but we did have this one map that we got while we were in Yakutat and we kept it at the helm just to make sure that we did not end up in Japan. Cheers,   Joe

Gulf Crossing Story

Photos from Sitka to Prince William Sound Today felt like slowly crossing the finish line of a long and beautiful race. As we motor along on flat glossy seas and the familiar mountains that scream out – you are home “Sundog”, I feel indescribable joy. Years of memories in our C-Dory flood my mind and […]

Crossed The Gulf Safely

Writing up the story and will share soon – here are some early photos – thanks for all the prayers for safety.  

Location Perry Island June 25 10pm

Gulf of Alaska to Zaikof Bay on Montegue Island. Met up with the “Margaret Ann” for hot dogs and then continued on to Naked Island…Survival suit swimming for entertainment.ย  Cathy askes us… Shouldn’t you have tried that out before the trip?! ๐Ÿ™‚ Continued on to Perry Island for a night’s sleep in Daycare Bay… We […]

Location rounding Hinchbrook Island June 24

Boating along on 1 motor is a bit more time consuming than 2. ๐Ÿ™‚ I expected them to be in Zaikof Bay on Montegue Island by 8:45 this morning but of course, my calculations are always off for some reason. ๐Ÿ™‚ About 3:30 this morning I received a text message that woke me and it […]

Location Kayak Island June 23

Either I received the Spot locations out of order or they tried to enter Controller Bay and changed their mind and headed back into the Gulf of Alaska.ย  They must have decided the passage was too rocky and decided to go around Kayak Island. I had a large “scare” with a phone call just as […]

Location Controller Bay Entry June 23

It looks like they’re crossing through Controller Bay’s islands rather than going around them.

Location Controller Bay June 23

Joe and the crew’s goal is to boat from Icy Bay into Prince William Sound today. The 1:41 “Spot” message shows they are nearingย  Controller Bay where Alaska’s 1901 oil boom in the town of Katalla and Alaska’s First Oilfield Drilling, occurred ~ Your history lesson for the day ~ ๐Ÿ™‚ The Sundog looks to […]

Location Icy Bay June 22 10pm