Location Yakutat June 22

We finished the longest day of the year with a red moon and Killer whale off our bow… Arrived in Yakutat 0300 on 6/22/11 and heading to Icy Bay tonight. We are all exhausted after 22 hour run.  Met up with Theresa Hunt for lunch and drove all over. Got boys a nice book I […]

Location Harlequin Lake Drains into Johnson Slough June 21

Location June 21 7pm passing Alsek Lake drainage and Dry Bay

Location Continuing on in the Gulf June 21 3 pm

Location June 21 1 pm entry to Lituya Bay

Location Gulf of Alaska passing Palma Bay June 21 9 am

Location Elfin Cove June 20 11 pm

Location Davison Bay Mirror Harbor June 20 8:42 am

Location Khaz Bay June 19th 11 am

Location Entering Sitka Sound June 19th 6 am

Goddard Hot Springs Bay trip today with Granny Linda and Nicola Craig