Perfect Day

June 12 Leaving Warm Springs Bay   It is hard to describe how beautiful a day it is, when it is winter time and we dream of boating these are the types of days that come into our minds.  The seas are completely flat, the skies are blue and I am following Ryan a […]

Off to Peril Strait

Appleton cove tonight Sitka tomorrow

Location on June 11th

Warm Spring Bay Today

Looking forward to a soak with the family Slept in Chapin Bay last night Sitka in 3 or so days Cheers Joe

Location on June 10th

Sitka on the 16th is the goal

We will likely not have email or phone now until the 16th so just wanted to say Cheers. Will update then as we will be spending 3 days unwinding before Cathy and the kids fly home and my crew fly down to cross the gulf with me. Blessings. Joe

Amongst the Working Boats – Petersburg Thursday June 9th We pushed against the tide working our way through the narrows for most of the way slowed down to 4kts at one point as we pushed against the flood.  The Wrangell narrows is about 20 miles long and has 60 navigational aids to work through and is much like running a […]

In Petersburg

Made it through the 60 nav aids in the wrangell narrows to Petersburg Cheers Joe

In Wrangell

Wrangell   Yesterday morning we woke up to wind and in fact we had been bouncing around most of the night at the dock which actually helped the triplets to sleep.  We had a quick pow wow at the docks and it was small craft advisory in Clarence strait but it looked like […]

Myers Chuck   For some reason I have always dreamed of coming to Meyers Chuck, it seemed to me to be the perfect spot on the map to live the coastal Alaskan lifestyle.  Ahhh to have your wooden trolling boat out at the dock below your house and each season to look forward to trolling along […]