Klemtu, Butedale, Bishop Bay Hot Springs

Friday May 27th – Saturday May 28th http://gallery.me.com/sundogjoe/100679 Well this is something that I could never do with the C-Dory,  I am typing and driving as we leave Bishop Bay Hot Springs and on our way to Hartley Bay.  Of course I am constantly lifting my eyes and tweaking the wheel to stay on course […]


Shearwater To Klemtu

Shearwater To Klemtu http://gallery.me.com/sundogjoe/100672 Looked like it would be easy going today as we left Shearwater.  I figured after the Charlotte the smaller stretch of the exposed Milbanke Sounds would be easy in comparison and, as you guessed, I was very wrong.  This time we were having to face the sea swell and wind more […]

Queen Charlotte Behind Us

Some Photos: http://gallery.me.com/sundogjoe/100664 At anchor in Fury cove on the other side of Queen Charlotte Sound – Yeah!!! This was our longest day yet, we got up at 4:30 early bird to beat the weather and left Port McNeil in the dark with a thin line of sunrise starting to appear. You could see the lights […]

Our Location On May 24th, 2011 @ 16:09:16 AKDT

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At Port McNeil

http://gallery.me.com/sundogjoe/100657 If weather is good we will cross Queen Charlotte tomorrow First truly exposed Crossing and about 50 miles Cheers Joe

Lagoon Cove – A Special Place

Sitting at the DSL hookup at the top of the docks in Lagoon Cove.  This is a very special place, in fact it almost feels like a place out of a sea side story book for kids.  Caleb was most excited to get to the workout station that was promised but was quickly giving me […]

Slowly But Majestically

Saturday May 21st http://gallery.me.com/sundogjoe/100657 The older caretaker looked pretty calm as he motioned me up to the dock.  He calmly said 3 knots current and then had a patient look like that meant something important to me to factor into my approach.  Luckily I have had some experience running rivers and I let the current […]

Our Location on May 21st, 2011 6 pm

Check out our progress here, on our interactive map page!

Shoal Bay – After Yaculta and Dent Rapids

Will write more later if I can get online but we are in Shoal bay tied up with our partners the Wandrian as they work through getting their water pump working.  The rapids were mostly uneventful as we timed the tide right but as we went through the end of the Dent rapids it started […]