Shearwater To Klemtu

Shearwater To Klemtu

Looked like it would be easy going today as we left Shearwater.  I figured after the Charlotte the smaller stretch of the exposed Milbanke Sounds would be easy in comparison and, as you guessed, I was very wrong.  This time we were having to face the sea swell and wind more at our beams.  It quickly grew enough that the much larger boat we were following decided it was worth turning into a channel that bypasses the sound, albeit a little longer run that required a narrow transit of the tricky Jackson Passage.  Once we turned into Reid Passage it was just a matter of surfing the seas in and that was fun.  I was again thankful for a little rougher experience so that I could get a feel for how the boat handles and just what it is capable of.   During the run into Reid we were behind Lissa & Michael of the “Aqua Vinte” (spelling?), also hailing from Anchorage AK.  They are bringing up a boat they bought in Olympia all the way to Cliffside Marina as well.  However, they are doing about 100 miles a day ~ a bit beyond our comfort range.  It was nice to have them lead us into the passage and then it was farewell – see you guys in Whittier, I pray you have a safe journey.  The next question was whether or not to go to Klemtu through Jackson Passage.  The “Mola Mola”, a 55′ boat from CA and actually designed by the same person who designed the GB’s, solved that question as they had transitted Jackson Passage before and even though the book says scary things about it, we went right through behind the crew of the “Mola Mola”. Thanks and thanks also for the catch at the dock at Klemtu – hope to see you guys again as we continue up North.  I had to ask what Mola was ~ it is a fish, a sun fish if I heard right, that is slow and lazy on the surface of the water.  You have to love that idea for a slow trawler style boat that goes back and forth from Mexico to Glacier Bay.


Klemtu has a lot of character so we loaded the triplets into the stroller and explored town.  We even went into the long house which was an amazing structure with some gigantic timbers and massive carvings done by a gentleman of Alert Bay.  It is a peaceful night, Joshua is on shore with a couple kids turning over rocks and seeing what he can find and the triplets are starting the bedtime routine…

Now ~ From Cathy ~

Blessed quietness, holy quietness, what assurance to my soul.  On the stormy sea He speaks peace to me, how the billows cease to roll… And that, my friends, is how I felt when we entered into the Reid Passage.  The Perceval Narrows gave me a few more sea swells so I was pleased when we rounded the bend eastward next to Dowager Island which stopped the 2′ swells.  The 6′ rollers of the Milbanke Sound caught me by surprise. I was even more glad that I’d had the forethought to get the baby’s milk bottles ready last night so when I began to feel the up and down rhythm, I put them down for an early 9:30 nap… Yes, 1.5 hours early! :–)  They fell right to sleep with no vomit today!  Yippee! Of course, I got sick but didn’t toss any cookies today like I did in Queen Charlotte Passing!


Jackson Passage had me REALLY nervous as I misread the book (it says that fishing vessels may come at you at 20 knots) & thought it said there could be a 20 knot current!  Needless to say, I didn’t want to fight that in the 6-8 knot boat ! 🙂  I felt better after the Mola Mola crew were in the lead and I re-read the book realizing the current is actually about 2 knots 🙂 Not so bad!


As we started up the Finlayson Channel we caught some 2′ swells again & I, again, was glad the babies were sleeping so that I could lay down in Joshua’s bed in the v-berth while Caleb & Joshua were watching a movie on the laptop on Caleb’s side.  I have very unstable sea legs it appears as even the Klemtu passage was a bit up & down for me but as we pulled into Klemtu, I got my sea stomach back and was up on the deck tossing lines to the 3 assisting pals on the dock.


We had Very little room to fit between the Mola Mola & the Wandrian so the first run was a miss with the shore Quickly approaching, but Joe gave the motors some gas & turned the wheel… We’ve heard you’re not supposed to when in harbor or docking but which is worse, disobeying protocol or hitting rocks?  And he moved the boat into the space with a couple feet in back and several more in front like a pro!


After that, little guys into the stroller so we picked up some apples at the store as well as french fries & onion rings at the restaurant because it was raining and walked across town to see the Long House… I love the look and smell of the wood, the huge logs & paintings, triplets loved the sand floor and the wood sticks used to make music tapping.  Back to the boat for rice & chicken, then burgers in the evening and Caleb, Joshua, & Joe are off to the Rec Center as 2 locals (5 & 6)  invited Joshua to come with them & Joe relented to help the boys enjoy the exercise.


Weather permitting we’re heading north with stops at Butedale and Bishop Hot Springs tomorrow.


~ Cathy out ~ Have a great night!