Rugged Island and Sunny Cove

Photos: Some Highlights • Brought a large ling cod to the surface and Daniel helped me release by grabbing my rod and shaking:) • Got to meet and hang out with the extended Baisden Family • Shared some adventure and potlucks with some wonderful new friends the McClendon family • Granny L came along and […]

Muddogs – Mud Factor

Had fun getting muddy yesterday at the Mud Factor in Kincaid Park. Photos:

Back to Back Alaskan Adventures

Alaskan summers are all about cramming in a bunch of adventures and this last week I had 3 back to back.  I have not been doing a good job this summer of writing but wanted to at least get down the highlights of these adventures and share some photos so here goes. • MAIN BAY […]

Humblizing – Staph on rear

  O.K. this post falls under the clear category of “TMI” but hey, I figure other folks might face this in the future and it might help along the way. So only read if you are not about to have a meal:) ——— Well this is not one of the typical Sundog Adventures that I […]

Jeff King’s Husky Homestead

This weekend we had the opportunity to take a road trip to Denali National Park to visit with a new client Jeff King owner of Husky Homestead and his wonderful team both k-nine and human:)  Although it was an honor to meet 4 time Iditarod champion I have to admit that for my kids the […]

Trust Your Wife (Crew)

Years ago I rented a 17′ aluminum boat out of Seward for a day of fishing with friends and the the company that rents the boat launches you with a little trailer and tractor.  It was an older boat with a level wooden floor such that you could not see the top side of the […]


2003-2009 Photos

Over the years I have posted photos from our family’s trips on our website So, below are links to the photos of the Law family enjoying adventures in Alaska with wonderful friends and family from 2003 on.  I hope you enjoy and are inspired in some way to strike out on your own adventure […]