Tomcat Shakedown Trip

And they’re off…. The C-Dory Tomcat Shakedown Trip has begun. Joe and Kevin are out on the new Sundog ship making sure all systems check out and she’d ready for the summer of family fun. Joe has spent the last several weeks putting together the BubbaHut, working on wiring for the cabin lights, checking batteries, […]

2013 Deer Hunt – Prince William Sound

  Charles, captain of the “Margaret Anne” and I had a reasonable weather window for the opening of Doe season out in Prince William Sound so we decided to go to our super secret deer area and managed to stumble onto a really nice fat doe. It was a short trip but I thought I […]

We Are Connected

Just back from a trip to Valdez – full trip details at  

Back to Back Alaskan Adventures

Alaskan summers are all about cramming in a bunch of adventures and this last week I had 3 back to back.  I have not been doing a good job this summer of writing but wanted to at least get down the highlights of these adventures and share some photos so here goes. • MAIN BAY […]

Whittier To Seward 2012

Photos: As I sit and reflect about the last voyage of the Sundog for the 2012 season I feel I have just a little better understanding of the verse from Psalms that talks about “a tempest that lifted high the waves” it is really worth a read so I will just post right here […]

The SUNDOG skips mountain goat hunting in Johnstone due to 12 ft seas

When the SUNDOG departed Hogg Bay on Oct 3rd, they intended to mountain goat hunt in Johnstone Bay.  Channel 16 said the weather was going to be rough but I had given them high hopes of better weather the night before after relaying the National Weather Service‘s check a point weather mapping site when they were leaving […]

Whittier to Seward for the winter

Well, Joe typically makes these blog posts but I thought I’d give it a try.  He, Caleb, Kevin Stickler, Ryan Breese & Larry Carmichael headed to Whittier 7:15 am on Sunday morning.  They were off and running about 11:30 (Joe called me during church service at Immanuel Baptist Church and I rushed out to answer […]

Felt Earthquake From Boat

As a follow up post to our Green Island trip I wanted to share a unique experience.  While sitting with Charles and Anne on their 24′ aluminum boat at anchor in about 20′ of water we felt all of a sudden as if we hit something, or went aground.  We jumped up, looked around and […]

Green Island 2012

Photos: Certain trips you look forward to all year and our annual Green Island trip that the Fosters have turned into a tradition is one of those trips.  Laura Foster gets up at 5 am exactly 6 months before the trip to compete online to book the cabin for her family for the week.  Green […]

Maiden Voyage of the “Bounty Hunter”?

Well the jury is still out on the name of the boat but never the less we went out on the new to Mike Phelps 28′ aluminum boat for a test run last weekend out to Main Bay.  It was just a 24 hour trip to take the boat through it’s paces and, if all […]