Felt Earthquake From Boat

As a follow up post to our Green Island trip I wanted to share a unique experience.  While sitting with Charles and Anne on their 24′ aluminum boat at anchor in about 20′ of water we felt all of a sudden as if we hit something, or went aground.  We jumped up, looked around and nothing, very strange.    Shortly after this one of the Foster boys rowed out and asked if we felt the earthquake, apparently  it shook the cabin so hard that it woke everybody up.  So that was a first, feeling an earthquake while in a boat floating on the water.  To make things even stranger not far from our boat a bunch of bubbles started coming up from the bottom in a 10’x10′ area and it was as if a bunch of divers were letting air out of their tanks from the bottom.   We were wondering if volcanic eruptions were next but all settled down after a bit.

I just wanted to follow up from our Green Island adventure – https://sundogadventures.com/green-island-2012


Joe Law