Whittier to Seward for the winter

Well, Joe typically makes these blog posts but I thought I’d give it a try.  He, Caleb, Kevin Stickler, Ryan Breese & Larry Carmichael headed to Whittier 7:15 am on Sunday morning.  They were off and running about 11:30 (Joe called me during church service at Immanuel Baptist Church and I rushed out to answer thinking something had gone wrong, which is not typical that soon after starting a trip!) He just forgot I was taking the kids without him. 🙂

I didn’t hear much from him all day as there is very little mobile phone service once you’re in Prince William Sound but there is a bit near Perry Island and Green Island so I knew from Kevin’s spot at 5:45 pm they were passing Perry.  Joe said they were soon to Green so I assumed they would spend the night in our favorite little Green Island Bay, which they did.

I checked the NOAA weather site and felt less confident than I had after talking to Joe because the weather predictions are for such a large part of the Gulf so you can’t predict that well.  They had about 2 foot seas heading out which was wonderful for Prince William Sound weather. From Cape Suckling to Gore Point where they’re heading, NOAA is predicting 5 foot growing to 11 foot over the next few days.  Not too promising for moving around! In my search for something with less span; miles & miles & miles of Gulf vs the bays they’ll be traveling to, I found a neat NOAA link that gives more local weather. You can just scroll down & click on their google map for predictions closer to your desired area. 🙂

Joe says they’ve had calm seas, sunny skies and are searching out the game. No animals yet but they’ve seen tracks on the beach and had some good hiking. Hopefully they’ll run into some deer or as they cross to Seward shoot some mountain goats on the way.

Sundog Cathy out