The SUNDOG skips mountain goat hunting in Johnstone due to 12 ft seas

When the SUNDOG departed Hogg Bay on Oct 3rd, they intended to mountain goat hunt in Johnstone Bay.  Channel 16 said the weather was going to be rough but I had given them high hopes of better weather the night before after relaying the National Weather Service‘s check a point weather mapping site when they were leaving mobile service range.  It said 4-6 foot seas closer inland, 11-18 foot in the Gulf.  It appears the National Weather Service is simply weather.  It is not in the slightest way accurate for predicting ocean swells! The National Weather Service seas predictions weren’t even close to predicting the true wave heights.

The guys enjoyed the wonderful calm seas and sunny weather of Prince William Sound their first two days.  However, on October 3rd, that changed. From Port Bainbridge to Johnstone Bay, past Whidbey Bay, across Blying Sound into Killer Bay & lastly Driftwood Bay, they experienced the NOAA predictions of 12 foot seas in their trusty survival suits. The National Weather Service predictions of 4-5 ft seas at worst, nothing to worry about, were far from actuality.  The waves were so rough that after dropping anchor in Killer Bay at 2:45 pm on Oct 3rd, they decided to forgo the anchorage.  They pulled the massive chain anchor back into the boat and made a run for the more protected waters of Resurrection Bay… They ran south until they realized this was also a bad idea, pointed North again and anchored in the rough waters of Driftwood Bay for the night.. Even with bow and stern anchors out, they kept a night watch vigil between the 4 adults (Caleb was with them too), taking turns watching the view screen to make sure they weren’t drifting into the rocks. Needless to say, it was after many ‘lost cookies’ that they entered the ‘protected’ waters of Resurrection Bay yesterday. Joe told me, “The seas and weather was so bad, everyone wore their survival suits the entire day.” (Men have only so many words!)

When they were talking to the Harbormaster in Seward, I was told, he asked, “WHAT size did you say your boat was?! You do realize that much larger vessels are not crossing the Gulf and coming in due to the seas, don’t you?!” I guess that sums it all up, doesn’t it? I’m glad everyone on the boat is home safely! The SUNDOG is now parked in Seward.

Next week we’ll need to run down and take a few days to winterize her. Hopefully, it stays warm enough she doesn’t have any problems.

~ Sundog Cathy out ~

Oh wait! I’m a woman so I need to add something…! 🙂 Potty training the triplets is probably considered a Breeze compared to their last 6 days. The ‘littles’ are just about done with diapers… Gabriel is, for sure. Daniel, definitely during wake time. Josiah, well, he was the smallest born (even if he is the heaviest now!) so, Josiah is going to take a little more time. He lets me know he wants the diapers! 😉