2013 Deer Hunt – Prince William Sound



Charles, captain of the “Margaret Anne” and I had a reasonable weather window for the opening of Doe season out in Prince William Sound so we decided to go to our super secret deer area and managed to stumble onto a really nice fat doe. It was a short trip but I thought I would share some of the highlights and some photos.



• Of course getting a deer is always good when you are deer hunting and this doe was very fat and as my wife can attest some of the finest eating this year – tenderloins disappeared in one setting:)

• Don’t anchor in Daycare bay during west winds and if you do be sure and let out lot’s of scope.

• Caught a beauty of a ling cod off Knight Island – put up a good fight and was 44 inches long.

• Anchored Naked – I mean anchored at Naked:) – got up at 3 in the morning for a nature call and the aurora was streaking lightly across the sky.

• Phosphoresce out at night

• Small craft advisory and port wells was kicking up big time with howling winds running east – we decided to hole up in Culross bay until it settled down enough to cross.

• Good fellowship with Captain Charles – thanks so much for taking me!!!


Joe Law / Sundog