Shoal Bay – After Yaculta and Dent Rapids

Will write more later if I can get online but we are in Shoal bay tied up with our partners the Wandrian as they work through getting their water pump working.  The rapids were mostly uneventful as we timed the tide right but as we went through the end of the Dent rapids it started to broil and our partners boat almost got swung a full 180 right in front of our eyes.  The boys were complaining it was boring until that happened and then all of a sudden they were very focused as we pushed through the same stretch ourselves.  It is hard to fathom the amount of water pouring through these narrow areas and we watched a video of a tug get flipped upside down through the same area – not a place to mess around for sure especially for a slow heavy boat.

More to come – but I have to say we are in an amazing bay and we had 2 crabs already in the pot and the boys have a huge bucket of minnows.