Lagoon Cove – A Special Place

Sitting at the DSL hookup at the top of the docks in Lagoon Cove.  This is a very special place, in fact it almost feels like a place out of a sea side story book for kids.  Caleb was most excited to get to the workout station that was promised but was quickly giving me the look when he realized it was a pile of logs that need chopping but he got into the spirit of it and started earning his all you can eat happy hour shrimp at 5 this evening.  The grounds have swings, horse shoes, a place to cook your crabs and prawns and absolutely beautifly seaside landscaping and I don’t mean the corporate neat and clean type but the rustic warm and friendly feeling that gives a wonderful sense of charm and peace.  I am likely getting carried away but it feels like we have stepped back in time and that could be because my 74 Grand Banks is one of the newer boats around and one old timer that climbed aboard said in a very mellow voice, my those motors look like they have never been used.

I hope to post photos later and tell more about this place once we have had a chance to fully enjoy it.  Tomorrow we hope to get a little closer to being within striking distance of doing the Queen Charlotte crossing and we are both nervous and excited to for the first time leave the shelter of the Canadian inside passage to the exposed Gulf.  As one lady said today as she poked a spot on the map, when you are hear you can look straight towards Japan and there is nothing to get in your way.  We have experience some good sea swell before poking out around resurrection bay and Kachemak bay but nevertheless with 5 babies on board I am taking it very careful.

We have had lots of logs to dodge and have talked with several people who have hit them so I am trying to pay close attention to not cut our trip short with a big hole in the boat or a bent shaft/prop.

Our run from Port Neville was uneventful and the seas were mellow and it has now turned sunny adding to the beauty of the day.  I rowed out and set a crab pot and am hoping that some big males crawl in.  You can tell the males by their bellies as they have a shape that is like a lighthouse versus a big beehive look of a female and of course the getting pinched by grabbing the backside I mentioned in a previous post.

Well time to relieve Cathy so that she can get a shower as well, it had been way too long for me and I also need to get the big boys to in to carve off some of the barnacles that are starting to show.

Happy Lord’s Day from the Sundog Crew