Perfect Day

Date Night

June 12

Leaving Warm Springs Bay


It is hard to describe how beautiful a day it is, when it is winter time and we dream of boating these are the types of days that come into our minds.  The seas are completely flat, the skies are blue and I am following Ryan a commercial fisherman also bound for Sitka.  I met Ryan at the upper hot springs and he gave me a cold beer that was very much appreciated after hanging out in the 108 plus degree water.  Warm Springs Bay is a special little community adjacent to a raging waterfall that features 3 beautiful bath houses right up the docks.  About a 1/2 mile up the trail from the boardwalk is one of the best hot springs I have had the pleasure to enjoy.  With 2 pools along a raging river it is as picturesque as it gets.


In a beautiful older wooden boat tied up for the summer is a gentlman named Vic who spends the summer carving masks and playing his mandolin and guitar and regaling visitors with stories and ballads that warm the soul.  With the aft section of his boat setup as a carving studio and a welcome aboard sign the ambience is rustic and warm with the scraps of his carvings flaming in the small wood stove by his chair.  Caleb brought his carvings to show him and Vic gave him a new carving tool to work with and passed on some inspiration.  Caleb told me that he is going to be a sculptor for his living now.  It will be interesting to see how this trip impacts both the boys as they see how different folks live their lives and earn their money.  The life of a commercial fisherman calls to me but the reality of this work with the back issues I have and the learning curve and cost to enter the industry does not  make any sense.  I am also a fair weather seaman and take my greatest pleasure from sharing the time with the family on the boat.  Seeing Vic carve though does reawaken in me the desire to pursue my fine arts and shift some of my time into this part of the gifts that God has given me.  I love designing websites and brands but it is also rewarding to just design something that is in my mind and heart to create.


Docked across from us was the crew of the “Alte E”  a 1940’s Trolling boat that was beautifully cared for and spoke of a lifetime of fishing and history.  ALTE E is crewed by husband and wife Joe and Joan and when Joan met our triplets she insisted that we have a date night and for the first time on this trip Cathy and I were able to have a couple hours alone together off the boat.  We soaked in the upper springs first going between the hot pools and the raging cold river and then spent a little time in the baths in a hand made wooden tub.  We came back to the triplets put to bed and a quiet boat.  We can not thank you enough Joan – THANKS!!!!!


We also had our first injury of the trip, Lin took a fall on the docks and opened his elbow up quite deep.  We were blessed to have met a doctor from the boat Island time who is from Fairbanks and he was able to put some stitches in so that it would heal well.  I also took a spill on the docks but with no injuries.  We had to be very careful when we took the triplets up the docks for their tub and they had a blast playing in the tubs.


It is hard to believe that we are only a couple days from Sitka and soon the family will be flying home and Lord willing we will be taking the Sundog on it’s home run stretch to Whittier.  I find myself both apprehensive and excited about the trip.  Well time to focus on the day and the Wandrian traveling behind me as I type and drive the boat are likely wondering what I am drinking this early in the day.


O.K. forgot a few things I wanted to share.  Had a very peaceful nights stay in Chapin Bay about 50 miles out of Petersburg.  Caleb and Joshua were especially excited as we met a boat that had 2 children from Anchorage and they spent much of the afternoon playing games together on their boat.  Above our anchorage was a huge hole in the mountain that you could see through to the sky and it gave the appearance of an eye looking down over us.


Waking up from Chapin we wen’t strait across to Cascade Bay where we took some great photos of the boats bobbing around in the current.  We have a great photo of our last boat in front of Cascade Bay in Prince William Sound and if the photos of our new boat turn out well at this Cascade Bay we will put them side by side next to our dining room table at home.


O.K., now I am really done with today’s entry.


Enjoy the Lord’s Day.


Sundog Out.