In Wrangell



Yesterday morning we woke up to wind and in fact we had been bouncing around most of the night at the dock which actually helped the triplets to sleep.  We had a quick pow wow at the docks and it was small craft advisory in Clarence strait but it looked like we would only have to beat into it for about an hour before we would be behind the lee and out of the long fetch that builds the seas.  It was a rough hour with 3 or 4 times taking some big crashing seas over the bow where it would take a few seconds to be able to see again.  It was actually fun but the babies still don’t have their sea legs and unloaded breakfast.  The seas were big enough to lift the 300 lb dingy off the Wandrians top deck and set it back down at a 45 degree angle.  All was well after a few hours and we had nice seas all the rest of the way into Wrangell.


One addition I really want added to the boat is what Mr. Pevee back at Meyers Chuck calls an “Iron Mike” or a auto pilot.  Most of the boaters have these and after 8-10 hours a day of manning the wheel I can understand why.  You still have to watch for logs and pay attention but it takes a lot of the work out the job and does a much better job than you can by hand holding a course.  This will definitely be something to add once we get home and get caught up with the bills.  That is the problem with a boat, you are always thinking about the next thing to add to them.  I have pretty much driven the whole way with maybe a hand full of hours being relieved by Cathy or Caleb to go to the head or stretch the back and it really hit me last night.  I crawled into the V-Birth spot where Joshua sleeps while the crew was watching a Horation Hornblower  movie and I did not move for 7 more hours.  Although it has been a challenge pretty much being the only driver the real hard duty has been on Cathy with the triplets.  I am amazed at her patience and abilities.  She truly is an amazing women and awesome wife.  When people see her pushing the triple decker stroller up the ramp they are amazed and so am I.  In fact we have pushed the stroller up some ramps that you almost need climbing gear to do safely at low tide.


We are only 2 weeks out now from Sitka and crossing the gulf and I have been stressing thinking about the crossing.  I had a good talk with a gentleman named Dan who lives in Meyers Chuck and he was a huge encouragement and wealth of advice.  Dan has built by hand a 40 plus footer trawler in front of his house out of plywood, fiberglass and epoxy and his maiden voyage was to hawaii where he did fishing and guiding.  He also does transport for folks and suggested that I go along the shore more stopping in Lituya, Yakatat, Icy and such – heck he says – that is why you do these things so that you can enjoy the scenery.  Another tip to share was that when things get snotty and the motors are screaming just slow down, even turn of your motors and realize how calm it gets and just relax.  My crew now have their tickets to Sitka and I am excited to share the experience with these men.


We finally had a celebratory pizza with the Wandrian crew last night and today as I sit here in a rustic coffee shop with Caleb in Wrangell I am looking forward to the day to explore and photograph.  Caleb is at my side, in fact every morning when I leave early he jumps up and wants to come and it warms my heart to have a sidekick.  He journals along side me and is constantly asking me how to spell words which greatly increases his vocabulary.


Not a cloud in the sky!


Blessings from the Sundog Crew.