Location rounding Hinchbrook Island June 24

Boating along on 1 motor is a bit more time consuming than 2. 🙂 I expected them to be in Zaikof Bay on Montegue Island by 8:45 this morning but of course, my calculations are always off for some reason. 🙂

About 3:30 this morning I received a text message that woke me and it was Joe!  He said they were running on 1 engine with 40 miles to go to Prince William Sound entrance.  They were going to wait until it got light before trying to fix the 2nd engine but now I’ve learned they are actually waiting until they get into Zaikof Bay on Montegue Island.  He called too… said he’d post a Help Spot IF they needed a tow so I shouldn’t be alarmed if I receive a “Send Help” message, I should just call SeaTow and let them know his coordinates. 🙂 They are doing good… tired but fine.  I’m really hoping that they can fix the motor with no assistance.

I couldn’t get back to sleep after receiving the text and then phone call but Finally after looking at the clock around 6:30 I fell asleep… Gabriel & Daniel woke up for the day at 7:30 🙂 Such is life with triplet toddlers.

Anyway, I can tell God is in charge.  Joe was on the marine radio asking if any boats in the area have intel on Zaikof Bay anchorage and boating friends of ours, the Margaret Ann, are anchored up and fishing in Zaikof Bay. They’re going to ‘hook up’ and look over things.   Hopefully able to fix that 2nd engine and get going the speedy 8 knots using 2 engines instead of 5 knots using one! 🙂 Really though, 2 engines would be nice so that they have a ‘back up’.

So, that’s it for now.

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