New Home For Our C-Dory

The "Sundog"

It is with a heavy hear that we have found a new home for our beloved C-Dory.  We have truly enjoyed this boat since 2003 and as we counted up the days we calculate that our oldest Son Caleb has spent a full year of his life aboard.  I was amazed at how many phone calls and emails I received when I put the boat on craigslist and am glad she is going to be going to a new home.  The boat will be re-christened as Roka Ann.  It feels like one chapter in a story has ended and now we just have our finger on the page and the heading of  the new chapter is “North To Alaska Via The Inside Passage”.  I am thinking that this next chapter is sure to have sea serpents, giant octopus and possible great treasures for the taking if you are bold;)