Happy Easter

Just wanted to make a quick entry and wish everyone a Happy Easter – He Has Risen!


Looks like the weather is turning back to more typical gray and wet here in the Puget Sound but it was such a treat to have the wonderful days of sunshine.  Caleb and I are getting ready to head to Church and then off to the families house to have an easter egg hunt and a nice meal together.


I also need to track down some oil, filters and such in preparation to change all fluids in the morning.  Jim with North Harbor Diesel is meeting with me and giving me a hands on training session working through both motors.  I should not have to change again until Haines where I will be prepping for the Gulf Crossing.


Just Caleb and me this morning and yesterdays cruise from Friday Harbor is just a pleasant memory.  Everything went really well and the boat performed great.  One disconcerting moment was when a very large alarm went off that sounded like a police siren and it took a bit to figure it out.  I noticed on the LED of the marine radio it said “Distress” and I was thinking – Crap – did I somehow trigger the distress call – Second trip out in the boat and hear come the helicopters and coast guard.  Well apparently someone else triggered their distress call and it creates an alarm on our system – at least that is what I think it is – I am still reading.  It is good to sort through all the little details while seas are calm and weather is great.


Well – better get off to Church – blessings on your day from the Sundog Crew.