Maiden Voyage Trip

19th – 20th

Before I headed out on this trip I confided with a friend about my fears with all the mechanical systems on the boat and my lack of knowledge in this area. He gave me a great thought that has helped that I will share. If you think of these challenges the same way as you think of fishing than it starts to become fun. So if you are not having luck figuring out why your cranking batteries are not charging than, well the fish are just not biting using the lure or approach you are using so tie on a new lure. The main idea is to remember that this is supposed to be fun and either way, even if you are not catching fish you are fishing and if you can’ learn how to enjoy the fishing part than this is likely not the sport for you. Thanks Neil for the thought, it works and really relate to the idea that you have to learn to enjoy the journey and not so much the destination. If you are always feeling pressured to make it to the next point on the map than it is hard to take moments and realize that what is right in front of you is what matters. For me right now is 10 days with my oldest son sharing this experience of preparing our boat for a family journey. I want to really take the time and have the patience to look beyond the goal to what this means for Caleb and our relationship and his growing in maturity. Yesterday I had him down in the bow bilge with a sponge and bucket and after a half hour with cold hands and aching back he was ready to quit but he stuck with it and finished the job – good job Caleb – there are many more bilges in your future.

I had a wonderful conversation with the previous owner last night and it really helped me with a bunch of unanswered questions with systems and processes. Usually after you purchase a boat the PO is not too excited about questions but Bob and Toni have done more than just answer my questions via email all winter they have truly been a mentor. One of todays goals is to pull the name boards from the stern of the boat that say “Bailey’s Irish Dream” and I look forward to getting this back to Bob and Toni for their next boat. Larry Carmichael a good friend and adventure comrade from our Church is going to be here today and if all goes well and we feel we are ready we will take “Sundog” out for her maiden voyage overnight to some close bay nearby.

Todays list looks something like this
– Figure out blown fuse to Webasto Heater
– Buy Volt meter and light tester to help with the first item
– Outline Startup Checklist / leave port checklist
– Seat propane tank and text stove
– Put name and call port on back of boat and dingy
– Get some extra fuel filters
– Rubber cover on alternator nuts
– Test anchor
– Official document vessel number up inside interior

Well, as a close friend of mine often prays – thank you Lord for a new day of life and that your mercies are new every morning.

Sundog Out.