Swinging On Anchor Like A Boat Should

Friday May 6 With only 6′ of water under the keel and 90′ of chain out it honestly just feels good to be at anchor.  This will be our first night at anchor and it is a pretty shallow bay but we should be fine with our almost 4′ draft.  We are in Garrison […]

Passed the Coast Guard Safety Check

Thursday May 5 Scheduled an inspection of the boat with a coast guard auxiliary member David McKibben from Guemes Island.  David went through all the usual suspects including; flares, sound signals, fire extinguishers, life jackets, oil and trash placards and a whole slew of items that the coast guard checks for if i were to […]

180 gallons please

Wed May 4th Today we pulled in to the fuel dock and got to experience what it was like to pay for over 700 dollars in fuel.  Seriously, ouch – I have bought cars for less than that.  Well it is the price to pay for pushing around a house on the water and to […]

Pirates Are Getting Restless

The last couple of days has been catching up on some work at the coffee shop and continuing to tackle the list of items necessary to head up.  The one challenge I am having is figuring out what printed maps I need to properly navigate our way North.   There are literally hundreds of maps […]

Magical Moment

Photos Every now and then you have a moment or event that can almost only be described as magical or minimum very special. Last night was one of those moments as we shared the setting sun at Washing Park with some friends we met in Kauai about 8 years ago – the Zender’s.  It is […]

Deception Pass

Port  2797.5 Starboard 2818.25 Photos: Walked the docks tonight contemplating the events of the last couple days.  I heard an older gentleman swearing at whoever was in the boat with him about his frustration of the mess the boat was in and could not help but think – man that is how I have been […]

Today We Say Today

Thursday May 28 We have a saying in our family when we are excited about an upcoming event and as we get close to the day we say tomorrow we say tomorrow so I just got the text from Cathy that “Today we say Today”.  Caleb and I have been busily getting the boat ready […]

Spot Shrimp Dinner – Yehaw!

 Wednesday April 27 P 2792.9 S 2813.7 Photos:   Yesterday we wrapped up the change of the impellers and again I was glad to have Jim taking me through it step by step. The impellers have not been changed since 2007 and both had a vein that was off and some of the pencil […]

My Engine Room Is Smaller Than Yours

April 25 Photos 7 hours down in the engine room with my coach Jim from North Harbor Diesel.  Hard to stomach the expense but the training and the work he is helping me complete is invaluable.  Much like my business it is well worth it to have someone that spends years working within a trade […]