Deception Pass

Port  2797.5
Starboard 2818.25


Walked the docks tonight contemplating the events of the last couple days.  I heard an older gentleman swearing at whoever was in the boat with him about his frustration of the mess the boat was in and could not help but think – man that is how I have been this evening, maybe not out loud but the boat is a total bomb with gear strewn everywhere.  There has been so much lead up and preparation leading up to picking up the rest of the family that apart from the obvious joy of being untied with everyone is just the reality of how can we make this work, safely and in a fun way for everyone.  It is interesting that as I have started to write this blog I think about how my words frame a reality that can often not quite show the reality of what one is experiencing but more what one hopes to experience.  It does make sense of course, when I post photos of the various trips we have taken I don’t show ones when the rain is pouring, when the kids are fighting and when Cathy and I are arguing – although that might be funny – hold that thought Cathy – I want to get a picture of that look you just gave me so that I can record it for posterity – sure that would go well:)  I guess this has made me think about why I am writing this journal or blog or captains log or whatever you want to call it – I guess I want to have a record of this experience and to be able to look back and to relive this moment with my family sharing this experience.  So, honestly once I had the whole family loaded into the boat last night and I was taking the dock cart back I took a moment to sit in the van and take a moment to ask myself – what am I getting us into.  I don’t think that unless you have had multiples and especially triplets you can imagine what it is like to mentally manage this.  One baby is challenging enough – much less 3 and well – thank goodness I have a wife that is stable.

Well, enough deep thought – one thing I have learned is that night time is not my best and I save all important decisions for mornings.  It is sort of like the most likely time for me to get the urge to go on a diet is right after a really great meal.  All in all though, even with working through all the gear and getting the babies used to sleeping in their bunk today was a beautiful day.  We left port and made our way to Deception Pass.  It was good to get out in some rolling seas and they were calling for a Gale warning in Juan De Fuca and it was picking up to maybe 3 feet.  We worked our way to right about under the bridge playing around in the currents and then motored back a way to a nice bay where we anchored up for a couple of hours to stretch our legs on shore.  Circled around Alan island on the way back and wondered about a guy that owns his own island – pretty amazing.

Cathy is down in the V-birth reading out of John – sharing the story of Jesus making water into wine – the boys really like this story.

Tomorrow we meet some friends we met in Kauai and will spend the day at a park in Anacortes letting the boys exhaust themselves.

All for now!

Sundog Out!