Swinging On Anchor Like A Boat Should

Friday May 6


With only 6′ of water under the keel and 90′ of chain out it honestly just feels good to be at anchor.  This will be our first night at anchor and it is a pretty shallow bay but we should be fine with our almost 4′ draft.  We are in Garrison Bay which is just a few miles away from Roche Harbor which will be our launching point for the journey north.  We are heading back Monday for 3 or 4 more days of final outfitting.  At the top of the list is figuring out how to convert the all in one crib into 3 compartments so that babies don’t wake up with teeth marks all over their bodies.  Last night I think we were both ready to fly Cathy and the babies home but this morning we were more optimistic as we brainstormed ideas to make it work.  Part of the problem is that we are in this getting ready mode instead of actually ticking off miles on the trip.  I suppose it is a little like sitting at base camp waiting for good weather to start the ascent and we are getting a little cabin fever.


Today is a nice respite as we are anchored right outside of my nephew Ryan’s place and much of the family is here for the Mother’s day weekend.  The boys are at shore and are glad to run free and collect crabs into buckets.


My Wirie.com system is working well right now and I am hacked into someone’s wireless internet and have been able to get some good work done.


Cheers – from the Sundog Crew!