My Engine Room Is Smaller Than Yours

Marshall From Colorado

April 25


7 hours down in the engine room with my coach Jim from North Harbor Diesel.  Hard to stomach the expense but the training and the work he is helping me complete is invaluable.  Much like my business it is well worth it to have someone that spends years working within a trade on your team.  Here are some highlights of the day.


• Started with changing all the primary and secondary filters – ended up not quite bleeding one well and learned what to do to clear the injector lines.


• Changed oil filters and oil on both


• Changed Transmission Fluid


• Started in on impellers and realized we had the wrong ones – tomorrow morning we will wrap up.


• We also changed out a bad battery in my 6 6 volt golf batteries that are part of my inverter bank and this caused my inverter to go into a funky mode where it caused the batteries to do some bubbling and the gases caused my propane alarm to go off and it took me 4 hours to figure it out but in the end the inverter was smarter than me and once it “Equalized” all the batteries it went back to standard.  I called Dad and I told him I regret not learning more from him about electrical matters when at home.  Although I have to admit that I felt pretty cool clamping and probing things with my new Milwaukee Multi Meter too – it even  has a built in LED flashlight.


While we were waiting for the propane deal to sort out we took a little walk along the docks to get perspective and was invited aboard a 52′ Europa Grand banks and to add insult to a long day I could not believe the engine room in this boat.  You can stand up, dual racor filtration, sea strainers the size of my engine – well not quite but wow.  I guess for about 15 times the cost of mine a guy should get a stand up engine room.  Very nice couple from Colorado – Marshal and if memory is right Victoria  – thanks for the tour guys!


Well time to spend a little time with Caleb, pretty rough day for him with me and the mechanic working away all day and nothing for him to do but watch and learn and watch some shows on the computer.  Tomorrow after we get the impellers figure out I hope to take a little break and just enjoy the day.


We had an excellent Easter service yesterday and a spectacular meal with the family.  As Caleb said to me as we were eating chicken tonight – I am a lucky kid;)


Sundog Out.