Magical Moment


Every now and then you have a moment or event that can almost only be described as magical or minimum very special. Last night was one of those moments as we shared the setting sun at Washing Park with some friends we met in Kauai about 8 years ago – the Zender’s.  It is almost hard to explain what set of events and setting create these moments but in this particular case the following combined  to make it happen; gorgeous setting sun, three kayakers coming from a distant island towards our beach forming a stark and slow moving silhouette against the sunset, that warm and gentle light combined with a stillness of wind, the laughter of children as they ran around flailing their arms at amazingly lit bubbles a family was blowing out over the beach into the ocean.  As these oily shiny bubbles worked landed and bounced off the ocean like skipping rocks to eventually pop or land and be absorbed by the ocean it was mesmerizing and I could not take enough photos of the activity.

This moment brought me back to a time we shared with our good friends the Anderson’s in a small town called Loreto in the Baja peninsula Mexico.  It was a very still dark evening and we had found a small ice cream shop and beside the shop was a lively dog that had learned to keep a balloon in the air with his nose and the entire time we sat eating our ice cream cones on that still warm evening the dog continued to keep that ballon in the air.  Sometimes I wonder almost 10 years later if he is still entertaining his master with the same trick but that evening was also one of those special moments where time seems to slow down, when the normal worries and cares of life fade away and you are able to settle into that moment with an appreciate for the creating that God has put before you.  I pray that I am able to have many more of these moments and share them with the folks I love.

Cheers from the Sundog Crew

P.S. Also met some very nice folks from the Grand Banks boat Tenacious, Rick and Pat who were gracious to give a tour of their boat and share a bit of their 40 years of boating knowledge.  I look forward to picking their brains a little more before they being their voyage north to Haines and Skagway and if we are lucky we will cross paths on the way and share a bay together.