Today We Say Today

Baby Gate

Thursday May 28

We have a saying in our family when we are excited about an upcoming event and as we get close to the day we say tomorrow we say tomorrow so I just got the text from Cathy that “Today we say Today”.  Caleb and I have been busily getting the boat ready for the wolf pack including putting up a gate that will hopefully keep the monkeys out of the helm switches and contained into what will hopefully be a baby proofed area.  So the whole crew shows up at the airport at 2:30 today and the next chapter in the adventure begins.  This morning we will focus on just making sure all looks clean and shiny and I have a nice bouquet of flowers awaiting the queen of the ship.  This time with Caleb is the longest that Cathy and I have been apart since we were married which is now as longer than life prior to marriage – hard to believe.  21 years and 5 children, not a bad average.


Another fun project yesterday was pumping the toilet tanks.  This is done with a machine that you can roll up to your boat and after you have figured out all the various hoses and plugged them into the right quick connects you push the button and pray you did it right so that poop does not fly out one of the vents and cover a high dollar boat in the slip next door.  Took a little bit to figure it out but Caleb was pretty excited when he started seeing the dark liquid being vacuumed from our boat – ahhh such simple pleasures.


Well I am going to sign off – Caleb is still sleeping and I want the ship, ship shape for the crew.  Blessings to all and Sundog Out!