Pirates Are Getting Restless

The last couple of days has been catching up on some work at the coffee shop and continuing to tackle the list of items necessary to head up.  The one challenge I am having is figuring out what printed maps I need to properly navigate our way North.   There are literally hundreds of maps from here to Whittier and it would cost several thousand dollars to just purchase them.  I have decided to try a more digital approach and have bought a download of all the maps on DVD and am going to get setup with a printer and print the ones I need each day depending on the route we are taking.  The company is http://www.macgpspro.com/ and I will also be using the 3 main books from http://www.fineedge.com/

We are slowly figuring out where to stow all the gear and work out systems for living on board with 5 boys.  It has been challenging figuring out how to baby proof the spaces and sitting in the harbor is making us all restless.  I think we will be doing much better once we are actually underway as each day we will have a mission and be seeing new country and working together towards a goal.  This will allow us to get a routine down.

Sunny day to today and of course this raises the spirits and I am just thankful for a new day of life and an opportunity to work together on this adventure.

Cheers from the Sundog Crew!