Spot Shrimp Dinner – Yehaw!

Fresh Spot Shrimp - Anacortes

Wednesday April 27

P 2792.9

S 2813.7



Yesterday we wrapped up the change of the impellers and again I was glad to have Jim taking me through it step by step. The impellers have not been changed since 2007 and both had a vein that was off and some of the pencil zinc pieces were broken down and hand to be dug out by finger.  I promised Caleb that after the impellers were done that it would be a play day and whatever he wanted to do was next up.  He chose Target to spend a gift card he received from his Aunt Sarah and as long as we were there we tackled a good part of the gearing up for the trip north.  Two carts later and boxes of diapers and baby wipes we were back at the boat to meet with Rod for a little run out to let the motors run.  The run went smooth with Rod mostly at the helm and we even did a good anchor drop test to make sure all was operational.


After a better than normal landing into our dock and a cold beer to celebrate we took a walk towards the end of the harbor where we hear a rumor that shrimpers would be coming in from an opener.  Jackpot, took a little asking around the commercial fisherman but finally found a guy that was willing to fill up a gallon ziploc of spot shrimp for $20 and after a little frisbee and golf and a trip to the point overlooking the harbor we fired up the stove and proceeded to eat all 45 of the shrimp soaked in hot butter.  Finished out the day with the first movie in the Horatio Hornblower series and finished reading the book of Luke with Caleb and off to sleep.


Tomorrow the rest of the family comes and today is all about readying the boat.  I really want everything to be in great shape when they board and have all the gear stowed in as good as spots as possible.  It will be nice to have Cathy’s stowing skills at work and a women’s touch on the boat as right now things smell more of WD40 and Diesel.


We have a little over two weeks before we actually head the bow north towards home and I am starting to feel like I am getting to know the boat and my confidence is growing in her capabilities and systems.  These next two weeks will be focused on more test runs and continuing on with my big list of to-do’s that ensure a ship shape ship.


It has been a wonderful couple weeks with Caleb and I am really thankful to have shared this experience so far with him and hope that it is a memory that lasts his entire lifetime.


To all a wonderful day


Sundog Out