Frosty Bottom Take Two

  Sometimes ego gets the better of me and and not finishing the Frosty Bottom 25 mile bike race last Saturday on our skinny tire MT bikes made me want to check it off my list.  So after talking my buddy Larry into a retry which was not hard (he has an ego as well) I […]

Burger King versus the Finish Line

  My friend Larry and I decided to give this years Frosty Bottom Bike/Ski/Run (you choose) 25 mile or 50 mile put on by As we lined up and realized we were only about 2 out of 4 folks who had skinny tire bikes we realized we might be in for it. After 4-5 […]

2013 Deer Hunt – Prince William Sound

  Charles, captain of the “Margaret Anne” and I had a reasonable weather window for the opening of Doe season out in Prince William Sound so we decided to go to our super secret deer area and managed to stumble onto a really nice fat doe. It was a short trip but I thought I […]

We Are Connected

Just back from a trip to Valdez – full trip details at  

Back to Back Alaskan Adventures

Alaskan summers are all about cramming in a bunch of adventures and this last week I had 3 back to back.  I have not been doing a good job this summer of writing but wanted to at least get down the highlights of these adventures and share some photos so here goes. • MAIN BAY […]

Dillingham Alaska School District Visit

Dillingham Alaska School District Visit This last Monday and Tuesday I had the opportunity to meet with the Dillingham School District leadership to start the process of a brand new website to replace the current site at One of my favorite parts of my career is spending time with our customers learning about the goals […]

Whittier To Seward 2012

Photos: As I sit and reflect about the last voyage of the Sundog for the 2012 season I feel I have just a little better understanding of the verse from Psalms that talks about “a tempest that lifted high the waves” it is really worth a read so I will just post right here […]

Felt Earthquake From Boat

As a follow up post to our Green Island trip I wanted to share a unique experience.  While sitting with Charles and Anne on their 24′ aluminum boat at anchor in about 20′ of water we felt all of a sudden as if we hit something, or went aground.  We jumped up, looked around and […]

Ilisagvik College – Barrow Alaska

This last week I had the opportunity to fly up to Barrow with my oldest son Caleb and Sundog team member and programmer extraordinaire Kym Van Arsdale to meet with our new client Ilisagvik College Photos: Barrow Alaska is the northern most city in the United States and a very unique location, both desolate and special in […]

Green Island 2012

Photos: Certain trips you look forward to all year and our annual Green Island trip that the Fosters have turned into a tradition is one of those trips.  Laura Foster gets up at 5 am exactly 6 months before the trip to compete online to book the cabin for her family for the week.  Green […]