Burger King versus the Finish Line



My friend Larry and I decided to give this years Frosty Bottom Bike/Ski/Run (you choose) 25 mile or 50 mile put on by http://www.chainreactioncycles.us

As we lined up and realized we were only about 2 out of 4 folks who had skinny tire bikes we realized we might be in for it. After 4-5 miles of pushing our bikes through mashed potato consistency snow we knew we were done for. Here are some cool photos of the racers http://www.in2funphoto.com/Sports/ABC-2014/Frosty-Bottom/35799145_bF7fCH#!i=3006174496&k=RH6wWx3 – you will see that they are all of fat tire bikes. Although it turned out to be a swing and a miss and I hate not finishing what I start I am not terribly disappointed with the outcome especially since the money goes to Luke Simpson – if you want to also contribute go to http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/help-luke-break-free-from-his-traumatic-brain-injury/111309

At 11.5 miles we managed to make it to the Burger Kink parking lot on Northern Lights and one angry whopper later I was feeling pretty good and contemplating how I can afford to buy a fat tire bike. Certainly I can justify this purchase right, after all I will ride every day and be super fit and maybe, must maybe will see the finish line instead of Burger King next year. Overall I actually had a great time, even pushing the bike for miles was a chance to enjoy the day outside and enjoy the view over the ocean bluffs and even though we failed we were not on the couch and gave it a try. Larry and I end up on a variety of adventures that don’t necessarily turn out as planned but we always take away some good memories and as he likes to say as long as we come home and with all our digits life is good.

The verdict is still out on the fat tire bike but in the mean time I found a new beer that might be an alternative

Happy New Year!