Frosty Bottom Take Two



Sometimes ego gets the better of me and and not finishing the Frosty Bottom 25 mile bike race last Saturday on our skinny tire MT bikes made me want to check it off my list.  So after talking my buddy Larry into a retry which was not hard (he has an ego as well) I tracked down a fat tire rental place and landed on one of the most renouned fat tire bike guys in the state, Billy Koitzsch with  – Billy is well known for his bike ride to Nome and onto Fairbanks – an almost 2000 mile ride.  Good article here – Billy and his wife Erika are a great team and obviously know their stuff when it comes to fat bikes and after some good info we were off to give the frosty bottom route another go.

The conditions were not as soft as the week before and the bikes handled great, other than a skinnier bike seat than I was used to it was very comfortable and felt like you were floating over the snow.  We took our time enjoying the day and not only finished the race route but biked down to Larry’s house to wrap up the day.  All told we did about 30 miles for the day and felt good to have ticked off the goal.
Until the next Sundog Adventure!