Clearing Props and Shafts

  Yesterday went down to the boat to tackle 2 tasks.  First to figure out why my ac outlets were not working and after troubleshooting for an hour it came down to resetting a GCI – dohhhhh…. Next was diving to clear the props of rope and fishing line.  The water was very murky so […]

Humblizing – Staph on rear

  O.K. this post falls under the clear category of “TMI” but hey, I figure other folks might face this in the future and it might help along the way. So only read if you are not about to have a meal:) ——— Well this is not one of the typical Sundog Adventures that I […]

Dipnetting – Kenai River

One of my favorite parts of summer is the sites and sounds and experience of holding a 20 foot pole connected to a 5 foot hoop of gill net and waiting for a big old sockeye salmon to whack into the net while standing in the surf of the Kenail river.  With large numbers of […]

Maiden Voyage of the “Bounty Hunter”?

Well the jury is still out on the name of the boat but never the less we went out on the new to Mike Phelps 28′ aluminum boat for a test run last weekend out to Main Bay.  It was just a 24 hour trip to take the boat through it’s paces and, if all […]

Jeff King’s Husky Homestead

This weekend we had the opportunity to take a road trip to Denali National Park to visit with a new client Jeff King owner of Husky Homestead and his wonderful team both k-nine and human:)  Although it was an honor to meet 4 time Iditarod champion I have to admit that for my kids the […]

Fathers Day Trip

  DayCare Bay, Main Bay, Ziegler Cove Photos:   I have joked that the Sundog brings great weather, sort of like magic as we ease out of the slip the clouds part and the seas lie down and the sun gently sparkles along the water as whales leap and dall’s porpoise race for our bow […]

Glacading with a Black Bear

Some Photos: Some moments in Alaska are magical and you know you need to take a moment just to pause, look around and breathe it all in.  As Jake and I sat next to his first black bear way up a steep snowy avalanche shoot it was truly one of these moments.  We almost did not try for […]

Surf & Turf – Shrimp & Bears   With 5 days of sunshine and flat seas forecast it was time for the Sundog Crew to shake off the winter dust and set sail.  It felt good to ease into the familiar rythym of the sound as we eased along at 7kts with the sun sparkling along the top of very […]

Welding Day

Had  a great Welding day last Monday.  Made the bubba hut much more structurally sound – thanks to a great welder and some good advice from Mark Anderson – thanks! Here are some photos: Thanks to Sabra for the photos Cheers Joe

Spring Shakedown PWS

  Photos at: Last weekend we went out for our shakedown trip into Prince William Sound and it felt good to just be out on the water and anchor up and take stock of the long list of things that need repaired from a very tough winter in the water in Whittier.  Turns out our […]