Dipnetting – Kenai River

One of my favorite parts of summer is the sites and sounds and experience of holding a 20 foot pole connected to a 5 foot hoop of gill net and waiting for a big old sockeye salmon to whack into the net while standing in the surf of the Kenail river.  With large numbers of reds showing up Kevin, Sergei and I could not resist and had to run down to join the masses and see what bounty is available.  The day turned out to be fairly slow with a total of 18 reds netted but the weather and warmth made up for any lack of bounty.  I also never tire of the drive between Anchorage and Kenai.  I am not a world traveled person but I have to think that this stretch of country is some of the most beautiful on the planet.  It might only be that Alaskans can understand dip netting, not only from the yearly bounty that we feed on all year but for the rich sites and sounds that we store up and revisit in our minds through the long winters as we plan our next adventures and relive our past ones from the short Alaskan summers.

Cheers from the Sundog Crew