Location on June 11th

Location on June 10th

Crossed Into AK – Docked In Ketchikan

As we were sloshing around out in the Dixon this morning I kept zooming in on my chart plotter to get a good view as we crossed over from Canada to AK.  After a very long day we are now in Ketchikan and time to get some work done.  I will write more but just […]

Prince Rupert

At Prince Rupert Rowing & Yacht Club for a couple of days to clean up, fix some things and get ready for the Dixon Crossing into AK. It felt really good to be able to look ahead today and see Alaska and if all goes well Tuesday morning we will cross over and into HOME […]

Wally The Halibut Guy – Hartley Bay

Sunday May 29th http://gallery.me.com/sundogjoe/100689 Wally The Halibut Guy – Hartley Bay   After docking in Hartley Bay, a local resident named Wally in a small aluminum skiff with an beat up older motor tied up along side of us to say hi.  He was excited to share his story about how he fished right outside […]

Klemtu, Butedale, Bishop Bay Hot Springs

Friday May 27th – Saturday May 28th http://gallery.me.com/sundogjoe/100679 Well this is something that I could never do with the C-Dory,  I am typing and driving as we leave Bishop Bay Hot Springs and on our way to Hartley Bay.  Of course I am constantly lifting my eyes and tweaking the wheel to stay on course […]


Shearwater To Klemtu

Shearwater To Klemtu http://gallery.me.com/sundogjoe/100672 Looked like it would be easy going today as we left Shearwater.  I figured after the Charlotte the smaller stretch of the exposed Milbanke Sounds would be easy in comparison and, as you guessed, I was very wrong.  This time we were having to face the sea swell and wind more […]

Queen Charlotte Behind Us

Some Photos: http://gallery.me.com/sundogjoe/100664 At anchor in Fury cove on the other side of Queen Charlotte Sound – Yeah!!! This was our longest day yet, we got up at 4:30 early bird to beat the weather and left Port McNeil in the dark with a thin line of sunrise starting to appear. You could see the lights […]

Our Location On May 24th, 2011 @ 16:09:16 AKDT

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