What’s Been Happening

Tuesday May 10



The whole crew is sick, coughing and generally not well so the desire to write has been pretty low.  It was a very nice weekend with the family in Garrison Bay and now we are back in Anacortes for our last few days of prepping for the journey north.  If all goes well we will be heading out this Thursday for Roche and then Monday for home.  It sounds good to say home, I did not anticipate that I would miss home so much and with everyone sick the morale of the crew has been an issue.  With the thought of final prep and actually starting on our way home though I sense both in myself and the rest of the crew an anticipation and excitement for the trip.  It will be nice to be making some new tracks on the GPS versus following the routes I have been making down here.


Since I can barely focus with this head cold I thought I would just share a little of what is going on in bulleted format.


• Bought a printer and cable to hoop my GPS up to my mac laptop so that I could navigate with my laptop and more importantly print maps along the way depending on the route we choose.


• Loads from Costo, Safeway, Home Depot and other stores somehow keep managing to be stowed in the boat somewhere – we must be losing some freeboard.


• Meeting with North Harbor today to fix my tach’s so that they properly show my motor RPM’s


• Have a chip for navigation and some harnesses for the babies coming in on truck tomorrow from West Marine.


And the list goes on and on – it is much like prepping a very small house but the effort will pay off while under way.  Although the crew is getting a little restless we are also slowly starting to get our systems and routines down and we are enjoying the closeness that the experience allows for.


Blessings to all.