Sitka – Skadooosssshhhh

My Dancing Girl


Wed June 15th


Today marks 2 months from when Caleb and I flew down to start getting the boat ready for the journey north.  As I think back on the time leading up to our flight down I can’t help but realize how little I knew about what we were embarking on and I feel like we have packed 2 years of living in these 2 months.  My mind is so full with the faces of all the people we have met and the many ports and bays along the way.  We have certainly just skimmed the surface of the country and richness of the people that make this sea country home.  I think about the crew from the restless who have done the trip back and forth from washington 9 times now and are still finding new places to experience and favorites to revisit.  Talking with Chris from the “Patience” who has done the trip so many times that it is memorized and a chart plotter is not even necessary.  It is good to be in Sitka but it comes with a bit of sadness as I realize that the family will be flying home Sunday but I am also excited for the trip ahead and look forward to seeing the country between here and home.  This morning I am sitting in McDonalds pouring over maps and weahter sites to get a feel for the trip and how to judge the weather and I realize much like this whole trip it is just going to be a matter of setting out and learning as I go.  Of course if I see any weather patterns that look dangerous our building we will put the trip on hold for better weather.


I am now working through all the safety equipment, ordered a nice GPS unit for the crossing, up till now I have counted on our spot but figure with this trip a 406 beacon made sense and to have on the boat from now on.  I am also going to give the survival suits a once over and make sure each crew member has tried his on and confirmed all zippers are in working order and wax accordingly.  I am planning on heading out the outside of Sitka north and break the trip into about 4 or 5 total days with some rest periods where we can anchor or tie up in Yakutat at the dock.  I have toyed with buying a life raft but with my dingy and an large inflatable canoe I think that we are o.k. and of course the fact that we are going to pick good weather.


So far I have enjoyed Sitka and even a hard day of rain yesterday.  The long day of rain made me even feel more blessed with the wonderful sunny weather we have had this summer thus far.  I am hoping for good clear skies out the Gulf as well not just for good seas but to be able to see the mountains and glaciers along the shore.  We will be traveling past some of the largest mountains in North America and one fisherman said, even when you are 50 miles off shore you have to look up to see the peaks – wow!


Last night we took a bus downtown and then walked to a movie theater so the boys could watch Kung Fu Panda 2 – it was fun and just good to share the time with the boys.  Today the plan is fishing out at cape edgecumbe.  I hear it is “sick” with silvers and as long as the seas are not to rough should be a fun adventure.


So enough for now and as PO would say “Skadoooshhhhhhhh!”