Inside Passage Trip Itinerary

Inside Passage Itinerary

April 15 Caleb and Joe arrive in Seattle with Granny

April 16 Ride with Mark Standley to pick up Van (Thanks Mark)

April 18 Monday – Launch boat and put into our month slip rental at

April 19-20 Hang out in port – get all coast guard stuff up to speed and all safety stuff and basic systems check.

April 21-23rd Larry Carmichael coming down to work with me – sea trials to Friday Harbor – overnight testing.

April 23-27th continued work on boat and shorter sea trials.

April 28th pick up Cathy and Trips and Joshua and Granny

April 29-31st boat trip to a bay in San Juans – test run again – then granny home.

May 1-May 5th more work on boat, training, preparing and shopping.

May 6th – May 9th/10th – family & Friends coming and trip to Garrison Bay to visit Ryan – more testing and work on boat and family visiting.

May 10  – May 12 back at Anacortes – final prepping for trip North.

May 13th – May 15th at roche harbor rendezvou grand banks – sharing this with any family or friends that can join.

May 16th North To Alaska

June 26-July 4 somewhere in here arrive in Haines – drop off Cathy, trips and Joshua and pick up crew of crazy men.

head to Elfin Cove

Open Gulf to Whittier


Icy Bay

July 1-10 Slip K20 Cliffside Marina Whittier

Lord Willing:)