Friday the 13th



Friday The 13th Docked up at slip 20 next to the Wandrian. The Wandrian is a beautiful wooden Grand Banks that is 12 years older than our boat and in beautiful condition. She is more designed like a sailboat inside with the living quarters more down below and a raised pilot house. We are here for the Grand Banks Rendezvous and it has been fun walking around seeing 70 plus GB’s of varying age and size and price. Joshua asked the owner of one very large new GB – mister how much did your boat cost to which he said – well you will have to ask my wife on that one – to which he said was it something like a million to which the gentleman said – yeah, something just like that. Whether you are the captain of a multi million dollar new GB or like my new friends from the Wandrian and have an older less expensive boat everyone gets along great and enjoy sharing the enchantment of a good product. It has been good to listen to the various stories and when we tell ours and what we are about to do we sure get a varying response but mostly they just admire Cathy which does make a lot of sense. One gentleman told me a story about heading up to Skagway from here in the 80’s in his small 16′ fishing ship with his brother in law and it was basically on a whim and with the thought that if he is going to do it he mine as well just go do it – interesting that he was 42 – same age as me. It was a real blessings to have bumped into the crew from the Wandrian and if it works for them we hope to share the road up the inside passage starting with a run to Canada on Monday to clear customs and then work our way north and up. It is just great to learn from others who have more experience. Cathy and the kids are at the park and it is really good for them to have some shore time. Roche harbor is a very special place and being amongst all these other Grand Banks owners and sharing in the activities and events is a great experience. Cheers from the Sundog Crew Joe