Cleared Canadian Customs

At port in Sidney eh and catching up on some email and planning for our run to Nanaimo tomorrow – paying special attention to Dodd Narrows as we need to make sure to transit somewhere near the slack tide.


Feels like yesterday that we left Roche harbor and our time at the Grand Banks Rendezvous was both enjoyable and informative.  It seemed we were the “talk of the dock” as one GB owner noted but not because of any seamanship or special features about our boat but because of having triplets on board.  As we walk the dock pushing the stroller with triplets people find it quite entertaining.  Heck – I find it entertaining and downright crazy but I a person just does what they have to do and Cathy is amazing and the older boys are also a huge help.  Cheers to all the new friends that I met at the gathering and thanks for your warm hospitality and tips.


The crossing from Roche to Sidney was only a couple of hours but it really felt great to be heading home.  In fact on route I said to the crew – we are heading home and Caleb just answered – we are home, and I am glad it is starting to feel that way for everyone.  I actually am having a harder time than the rest of the crew coping with the close quarters and on quite a few occasions my expedition behavior has been sub par at best.  I have been taking lots of walks and have spend a fair amount of time designing in my head a covered flybridge with canvas sides, a warm cot, large screen TV, recliner, fridge…. o.k. just an enclosed hide out will work.


It was a real treat to spend some time with Huba, Jeni, Isaac and little Lily Pad.  I have been friends with Huba since I was 12 and had the honor to be the best man at his wedding almost 20 years ago this month – congrats you guys on going 20, especially you Jeni:)  seriously though that is a great accomplishment and I pray a huge blessing and joy with your next 20.


Well I better sign off for the night and star prepping for tomorrows run.  We are continuing on with the Wandrian and we are spoiled the last few runs to let them lead the way and handle the navigation.  After Nanaimo I look foward to spending more nights at anchor versus in harbors but it is a change from Alaska as we are always out at anchor where we cruise so it is fun to explore communities and have access to ice cream.


Cathy is reading to the older boys in the V-Birth, I think Daniel just bit one of the boys in the crib in the aft cabin but the screaming is settling down and warm bottles are doing their work. God Bless and Sundog Out!