Beautiful Day In Ketchikan

Friday June 3rd

Started out the morning looking for a diesel mechanic to help me and found a great guy in Steve
Steve’s Gas & Diesel Repair 126 Potter Road Ketchikan, Alaska 99Tel: 1-907-247-8661    E-mail :

We took the boat out for a run and quickly my quirky alarm went off and Steve was able to identify it as the water temp alarm sender and put a laser temp gun on it to confirm that it was not over heating. So, now I just need to find a new sender but for now I can feel confident that It is not a more serious problem with the motor. I also put a new belt on the alternator and tightened that up and it felt good to accomplish a minor mechanical feat on my own. Thanks a bunch to my friends that sent ideas and for the guys on the forum – I count on these guys advice regularly to figure things out.

Today we loaded up the triplets and did the 1.5 mile walk to the tourist part of town amongst the many cruise ship folks and it was hard enough maneuvering around everyone but with the triplets it was like being a rock star as usual as we answer so many questions and even have to stop so that folks from other countries could take pictures of this anomaly. One thing for sure and that is life will never be normal again when you are the parents of triplets and although it is exhausting it is also a great joy.

We really have run into some wonderful folks in Ketchikan – thanks a bunch to Ken on the Sanctuary, a converted CHB for trawling, he gave our whole family a tour of the boat and gave the boys movies, hooks and helped me out some with ideas on my motors as well as giving me a couple Perkins manuals he did not need. We also saw Mola Mola again and hope to see them again as we head north. Over all I am amazed how generous and friendly people are as we travel north. I think when people see all these babies they can not help but lighten up and just look on in amazement of 3 beautiful toddlers, even the Customs officer that came aboard had to pause and say, you know this is absolutely the happiest boat I have been on in a long time.

It is weird to now have a date for the crew flying home, the19th, only a little over 2 weeks away. I think I am going to get a ticket for Caleb as well as I think he will be better off heading home versus the chance of being sea sick for 3 or 4 days and mentally I do not want the stress of worrying about his safety. It actually makes me a little sick to my stomach with sadness as he has been with me from the start getting the boat ready but I think it will be good for him to get home with the family – I will miss him greatly. I am really excited that Mike Phelps and Larry Carmichael have committed to come down to crew with me across the sound – these guys are hard core adventurers and it gives me a lot of confidence to have such great friends along. I am hoping for one more to come to make for a good crew for around the clock running but with three we are in good shape and it is a big commitment to come down for this. I am thankful I have seen a variety of seas so far on the trip and I am confident that the boat is a safe solid boat and now we just need to pray for a good weather window to run in. I am not sure if we will take a strait shot through or go Lituya, Yakatak, Icy and then in – I think we will decide as we go.

Tomorrow morning the plan is to go to Meyers Chuck and I have always wanted to see this quaint little community. In the back of my mind and heart I could see settling in a place like this for a few years and just open an art studio and live on the boat.

Well – it is time to get some ice cream and head back to the boat so Cathy can get a shower in and I can get the boat ready for motoring tomorrow.

Blessings from the Sundog Crew.