Green Island Friends and Fun

The weather for the opening of Buck hunting out in Prince William Sound was less than agreeable but we headed out in sloppy seas and decided after the Culros Exit that we were going to head into Blackstone Bay instead and meet up with Miss Charity.  We had a fairly calm anchorage in Nellie Cove.  […]

Tomcat Shakedown Trip

And they’re off…. The C-Dory Tomcat Shakedown Trip has begun. Joe and Kevin are out on the new Sundog ship making sure all systems check out and she’d ready for the summer of family fun. Joe has spent the last several weeks putting together the BubbaHut, working on wiring for the cabin lights, checking batteries, […]

The SUNDOG skips mountain goat hunting in Johnstone due to 12 ft seas

When the SUNDOG departed Hogg Bay on Oct 3rd, they intended to mountain goat hunt in Johnstone Bay.  Channel 16 said the weather was going to be rough but I had given them high hopes of better weather the night before after relaying the National Weather Service‘s check a point weather mapping site when they were leaving […]

Whittier to Seward for the winter

Well, Joe typically makes these blog posts but I thought I’d give it a try.  He, Caleb, Kevin Stickler, Ryan Breese & Larry Carmichael headed to Whittier 7:15 am on Sunday morning.  They were off and running about 11:30 (Joe called me during church service at Immanuel Baptist Church and I rushed out to answer […]

Location Perry Island June 25 10pm

Gulf of Alaska to Zaikof Bay on Montegue Island. Met up with the “Margaret Ann” for hot dogs and then continued on to Naked Island…Survival suit swimming for entertainment.  Cathy askes us… Shouldn’t you have tried that out before the trip?! 🙂 Continued on to Perry Island for a night’s sleep in Daycare Bay… We […]

Location rounding Hinchbrook Island June 24

Boating along on 1 motor is a bit more time consuming than 2. 🙂 I expected them to be in Zaikof Bay on Montegue Island by 8:45 this morning but of course, my calculations are always off for some reason. 🙂 About 3:30 this morning I received a text message that woke me and it […]

Location South Tip Kayak Island June 23

After the stress of this evening… I wish I was on the boat, not Joe… Oh wait! I get seasick in 2 foot ocean swells. I think I’m better off here just praying for safety! 🙂 SundogCathy Out!!!!

Location Kayak Island June 23

Either I received the Spot locations out of order or they tried to enter Controller Bay and changed their mind and headed back into the Gulf of Alaska.  They must have decided the passage was too rocky and decided to go around Kayak Island. I had a large “scare” with a phone call just as […]

Location Controller Bay Entry June 23

It looks like they’re crossing through Controller Bay’s islands rather than going around them.

Location Controller Bay June 23

Joe and the crew’s goal is to boat from Icy Bay into Prince William Sound today. The 1:41 “Spot” message shows they are nearing  Controller Bay where Alaska’s 1901 oil boom in the town of Katalla and Alaska’s First Oilfield Drilling, occurred ~ Your history lesson for the day ~ 🙂 The Sundog looks to […]